Undergraduate Teaching

Salt Lake Community College, 2002-present: Introductory Composition, Intermediate Composition, Technical Writing, Cultural Studies, Children’s Literature, Language in Society, Popular American Literature (Disability Memoir). Online and face to face.

Course Materials

The following are materials from courses taught from 2013-2016.

Technical Writing (ENGL 2100)

Technical Writing has been my most frequently taught course. I teach the course with a focus on usability and user-centered design. Currently, I am teaching the course with an emphasis on accessibility. 2100_Spring16

I have also taught the course with a zombie theme, with a focus on problem solving on collaboration.

Intermediate Composition (ENGL 2010)

Spring 2016, I am teaching ENGL 2010 in collaboration with Charlotte Howe. We are emphasizing embodiment experience, multimodality and accessibility. The class is also part of the Writing and Social Justice course community. 2010_spring16

In general, I have taught the course with a focus on genre,  public writing, and collaboration.

Popular American Literature, Disability Memoir (ENGL 1100)

For this iteration of Popular American Culture, I focused on disability memoir. We read contemporary disability memoirs such as Temple Grandin’s Thinking in Pictures and Jean-Dominique Bauby’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. We also read Josh Hanagarne’s The World’s Strongest Librarian and welcomed him to class to talk about his experience writing the book. 1100_syllabus


Professional Development Workshops & Training Materials

From 2013-2016, I  spent a significant amount of time facilitating workshops and developing materials to support universal access on campus.

Sample video:

English Department Surveys on Accessibility (in collaboration with Institutional Research):

Accessibility materials for course development and textbook selection:


  • OER and Accessibility. October 2015
  • Captioning in Camtasia. February 2015
  • Accessible Documents and Email. February 2015
  • OER Accessibility. February 2015
  • Accessible InDesign and PDF. Publication Center. March 2015
  • Creating Accessible Documents. October 2014. (presented twice)
  • Design for Universal Access. Publication Center. October 2014
  • STEM Accessibility. Workshop. April 2014.
  • Captioning Made Easy. Workshop. October 2013 (presented twice). January 2014. February 2014.
  • Universal Design for Learning. Workshop & Panel Discussion. September 2013. January 2014
  • Captioning Basics. Presentation to SLCC Educational Initiatives Team. January 2013.



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